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June 2018 Edition

Gloryland Pioneers

Honest Abe’s collaboration with a Tennessee couple helped them realize lifelong desire to create a log cabin like Tennessee’s early settlers.

“Lord, build me just a cabin in the corner of gloryland” is a well-known reprise from a country gospel standard recorded by artists from Hank Williams to Charlie Pride.

While the lyrics are doubtless metaphorical, Kenneth and Joy Clayton are enjoying their own corner of gloryland in a log home that’s anything but “just” a cabin.

Sure, their log cabin is only about 1,600 square feet, with the Claytons residing primarily on the first floor, but the home reflects the inherent transitions of a long marriage, a fulfilling career and a happy family. It represents generosity and collaboration and the meandering paths that dreams take that somehow, sometimes lead to home.

“This was Ken’s dream, but I wouldn’t change making the move to our log cabin for the world,” Joy Clayton admitted, explaining that her husband had imagined himself living in the kind of log cabins he’d seen so often as a boy growing up in East Tennessee.

During their half a century of marriage, Ken, a Baptist minister, and Joy lived in what Joy called “typical suburban houses,” primarily in the Nashville, Tenn., area with a three-year stint in Spain.

All the while, Ken continued to sketch his ideas for a log cabin like Tennessee’s early pioneers built – square logs, chinked, dovetailed corners, wood-burning fireplace, wide front porch.

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This custom cabin captures the spirit of early pioneer settlers with its square, chinked logs, front and back porches and practical interior design. 

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The Clayton Plan

Honest Abe’s Clayton Plan is a Customer Creation, which Ken and Joy Clayton, whose log home story is told above, invited others to use and enjoy.  Download the Clayton Plan here…


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