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Honest Abe Living, May 2024


Cloud 9, Settler’s View and Mountain Moksha: Your Gateway to Smoky Mountain Luxury

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is a haven for families seeking adventure, relaxation and a chance to reconnect with nature amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains, but what if you could experience the magic of the Smokies not just on vacation, but every day?

Honest Abe Log Homes is proud to have been chosen to design and manufacture several Gatlinburg cabin rentals that showcase the quality, craftsmanship and beauty of our log homes. Among them are Cloud 9, Settler’s View and Mountain Moksha.

Our video team visited these stunning examples of what’s possible when you choose Honest Abe.

Mountain Moksha

Cloud 9

Settlers View

Transforming Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and the island stands as its focal point, anchoring the space with both function and style. But what if I told you that a simple change in the color of your kitchen island could breathe new life into your entire culinary sanctuary, revitalizing not just the kitchen, but the ambiance of your entire home? Let’s explore how this small yet significant transformation can revamp your kitchen’s look and refresh your entire house.

Financial Wisdom Financial Wisdom

Log cabins have long evoked images of cozy getaways nestled amidst nature, but did you know they can also be surprisingly budget-friendly?

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Distinctive Homes Distinctive Homes

From customized log-work to eco-friendly solutions, thoughtful design choices can set your log home apart from the rest.

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Design Wizards Design Wizards

Honest Abe’s award-winning design team has more than 75 years of combined experience in creating floor plans for thousands of homeowners.

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The Magic of an Open Plan

The possibilities are endless when the floor plan it right.

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Pint Jar Salad


In this month’s Honest Abe Living In The Kitchen, April Smith Patterson shows how she creates pint jar salads to make lunchtime both delicious and simple. Watch the video and then download the recipe to try it yourself.

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