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Honest Abe Living, March 2021

Honest Abe Customers Ahead of the Trends


After a year of learning to work, go to school and accommodate everyday life under one roof together, the world of home design is making home more friendly and more functional for all the demands of a busy lifestyle operating from one location.

Some of the “trends” for 2021 have already been incorporated into the homes of Honest Abe Log Homes clients who’ve built log or timber frame homes in the past decade. 

We’ve identified eight trends and added a photo from our homeowner galleries to illustrate how these homeowners are ahead of their time.

Private home offices are the most requested new design feature.


When you order your log or timber frame home package directly from Honest Abe Log Homes or one of its Independent Dealers, included in the package is the roofing system you select. These may be a heavy timber, a conventional rafter or a conventional truss system. What is not included is the material that covers that roofing system. Most typically, Honest Abe’s customers choose asphalt or metal. Here’s some advice from Independent Dealer Brian Stamps, owner of Ridgeline Log Cabins and Ridgeline Roofing and Construction in Northeast Georgia. 

Applying Stain Applying Stain

DIY Video from Perma-Chink Systems

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Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Frosty photos of Honest Abe homes.

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Fire Safety Fire Safety

Good news for log home owners

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Preparing for Parents

Plan your log home for the possibility of welcoming mom and dad!

Strawberry Cream Puffs

Honest Abe Living enjoys sharing recipes by our Honest Abe Log Homes staff, customers, dealers and sales representatives. We also want to bring our readers culinary experiences from across our home state of Tennessee. This recipe for Strawberry Creme Puffs was provided by cookbook author Sheree Rose Kelley, CEO of Belle Meade Winery in Nashville.

The Dovecreek Plan – One-story Luxury

The Dovecreek is among Honest Abe’s most luxurious standard plans, and it can be easily modified for a homeowner’s specific needs.

The one-story 4,050-square-foot plan has an attached garage, an open patio and deck with room for a swimming pool and a covered, recessed front porch.

The great room has a cathedral ceiling, a wall of windows in the two-story gable end and an internal fireplace with a two-story chimney. This room flows into an open kitchen and dining room. There’s a separate bedroom with a full bath. The snack room, utility room and full bath open onto the deck creating a convenient “pool house.”

Also opening onto the deck is a cathedral-ceilinged master bedroom with a walk-in closet, luxury bath and an additional dressing room. A full-size exercise room and separate office are additional amenities.

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