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Honest Abe Living, June 2024

Our First Zero Energy Ready Home

Honest Abe Log Homes not only offers log cabins, we offer custom designed and manufactured residential and commercial buildings manufactured from Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) combined with timber frame architectural components to create stunning buildings. The exterior can be covered in a variety of materials from stucco to stone to sidings of log, cement-fiber siding, concrete siding, shiplap, board and batten and more.

Homes built with SIP have many benefits, but energy efficiency is among the most attractive. Click below to see photos of the first residential Zero Energy Ready Home certified in the state of Tennessee and learn more about how Honest Abe Log Homes can help you have your own SIP home or commercial building.

Exploring the Vibrancy of Contrasting Colors in Log Home Design

In the realm of architectural aesthetics, few elements offer the rustic charm and timeless appeal quite like log homes. These structures, with their natural allure and rugged beauty, stand as a testament to traditional craftsmanship and harmonious integration with the environment. Amidst the allure of log homes lies a subtle yet powerful design choice: the strategic use of contrasting colors to accentuate the character of the logs, instead of clear coating everything and calling it done..

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A cozy log home offers the place for an even cozier library

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Visit Honest Abe’s model home in Murfreesboro home for a video tour.

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Plan to attend the summer log raising at Honest Abe’s National Headquarters July 20

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Revisiting a Favorite

joyce home in virginia remains a classic

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Multi-Layer Salad


In this month’s Honest Abe Living In The Kitchen, April Smith Patterson and Molly Cooper team up in the kitchen to create an elegant but easy multi-layer salad. Watch the video and then download the recipe to try it yourself.

Mountain Moksha is a perfect example of how a Honest Abe customers combine features from several floor plans to create one plan they love. Join us as we venture into the serene wilderness of the Great Smoky Mountains to explore the charming cabin Mountain Moksha, which has elements of two plans – the Coolsprings and Westport.

Nestled amidst nature’s beauty, this rustic yet luxurious log cabin offers an escape like no other. From its cozy interiors to its stunning panoramic views, every corner of this home exudes warmth and comfort.

Don’t miss out on this immersive tour – hit play and let the adventure begin! And visit all our plans to imagine your own

We host log raisings, open houses and other special events throughout the year. You are always welcome to attend these free events!