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Honest Abe Living, June 2022

Cloud 9 Cabin’s Six Bedrooms

Danny and Tia Suiter desired a mountain home for their personal retreat, but they also wanted to share it with others. Working with Honest Abe, they created a six-bedroom, three-story cabin that can be reserved as a vacation home. Each bedroom was designed by Tia to pay tribute to the history and beauty of the cabin’s surroundings. 


Proactively designing a safe and functional bathroom is essential, since your needs will evolve as you grow older.

3 Design Priorities 3 Design Priorities

Designer Molly Cooper set priorities for interior design.

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Timely Ideas Timely Ideas

Explore some modern design ideas for a log or timber home.

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Stewardship Stewardship

To Honest Abe, “green” is not just a buzzword.

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Finding More Space

See how one Honest Abe homeowner made more room.

Multi-Stripe Delight

We all grew up eating Jello, right? What a treat it was and still is. All our moms created these beautiful dishes with gelatin, fruits, whipped topping, nuts, marshmallows and even vegetables. One of the most fun options was the Multi-Stripe Delight in which layers of gelatin form a color spectrum that delights the eye as well as the palette.


Segura Floor Plan

The 2,216 SF Segura is a one-story plan created by Honest Abe clients and the in-house design team. It encompasses three bedrooms, a powder room, a full bath and a luxury bath and walk-in closet in the master bedroom suite. The great room has a fireplace, a dining area and a kitchen separated only by an L-shaped bar. A covered porch runs the length of the great room on both the front and the back.

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