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Honest Abe Living, February 2023

Charlie Girl, one of three rescue cats.

Unconditional Love

February is a month when everything focuses on love. Chocolates. Flowers. Romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day. There are so many ways people celebrate relationships with each other,

However, there is a type of relationship that does not involve all the special day amenities. With this kind of love, every day feels like a holiday, and it’s almost certain to last a lifetime.

Honest Abe homeowner Russell Saunders has that kind of relationship with his rescue cats, Charlie Girl, age 1, and feline brothers Gypsy and King Malibu, who are 6; along with his 12- year-old labrador, Roxie.

“Animals are as innocent as and similar to your children,” Russ observed. “They give and receive love unconditionally.”

“Cabin life is hard,” says Saunders.


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The Cimarron Plan

an open great room. A two-car garage is attached to the home with a breezeway. A rear deck is enclosed on each end by the master bedroom and the kitchen each, offering doorways to the outdoor space.

The master bedroom includes an en suite bath with separate shower and a walk in closet. The front door is accessed from an expansive front porch. While the living space is open, the living room, dining space and kitchen have traditional separated spaces by forming a “C” shape around a fireplace.

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