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Honest Abe Living, August 2023

Visit the home of One of Honest Abe’s Owners

Shane Smith, who is the son of Honest Abe founders Doug and Janie Smith, along with his wife. Lesley, have raised four children in their custom Honest Abe Log Home. They’re sharing their plan and photo gallery with Honest Abe Living readers as well as how their home has evolved since the moved in as a young married couple.


Many Honest Abe customers choose to stain their log homes themselves, whether it is when the home is originally constructed or after several years of living in the cabin to freshen it up. This informative video shows steps for staining and discusses products with tips for best using them.

Office Solutions Office Solutions

Designer’s office design advice.

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Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency

Prioritize saving on utilities.

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Knee Walls Knee Walls

How is a knee wall best utilized?

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Closet Considerations

Why not have the closet you need?

Blackberry Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like blackberry ice cream, so why not make it your own?

The Wilson Plan

The first plan we’re featuring in our new video floor plan series is the Wilson Plan. For more about this home, click here.

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