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Honest Abe Living, February 2024

Time Warp or Trendsetter?

Embracing Timeless Elegance: Wood Homes Lead the Way in Future Home Design

Honest Abe Murph Christmas 059 TNPC

There’s no need to rely on crystal balls for a peek into the future; it’s already unfolding. Tucked beneath expansive log ceilings and illuminated by the inviting radiance of natural wood, log and timber homes stand as trailblazers, leading the way for trends that have now become mainstream in 2024.

In a world where trends come and go, log and timber homes remain a beacon of enduring elegance, beckoning others to join the journey into a future where home design is both timeless and forward-thinking.

Honest Abe Murph Christmas 004 TNPC 2 copy
Honest Abe Murph Christmas 004 TNPC 2 copy
Honest Abe Murph Christmas 004 TNPC 2 copy
Honest Abe Murph Christmas 004 TNPC 2 copy
Honest Abe Murph Christmas 004 TNPC 2 copy
Honest Abe Murph Christmas 004 TNPC 2 copy

Romantic Elegance

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to infuse your home with love and create a romantic atmosphere that celebrates the essence of the day. Whether you’re planning a cozy evening for two or a gathering with friends, tastefully decorating your space can enhance the Valentine’s Day experience. 

Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency

Been freezing this winter? Take a look at an energy efficiency study that demonstrates why log homes are warmer in winter – and cooler in summer for that matter!

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Family Homes Family Homes

More younger couples are deciding to build a log home now. Find out what they’re learning about designing for a growing family.

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Dealer of the Year Dealer of the Year

Meet Honest Abe’s 2023 Independent Dealers of the Year, DeWayne and Sherry Crumley, owners of Serenity Log Homes in Florence, Alabama.

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Elegant Camping

A couple trade their tent and camper for a log cabin home after years of getting to know their land.


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Nutella Star Bread


In this month’s Honest Abe Living In The Kitchen, April Smith Patterson, creates Nutella Star Bread with the help of her husband, Nick, and son, Axel. Watch the video and then download the recipe to try it yourself.

The Pattersons’ Southern Grace

Southern Grace, the log home of an entrepreneurial young couple in rural Tennessee, is both Southern and gracious yet definitely not a typical farmhouse. Homeowners Nick and April Patteson challenged Honest Abe’s multi-award-winning designer Michael Hix to design the floor plan using their own rough sketches. Hix designed a 4,924-square-foot house with 21 rooms on three floors, which April characterizes as “Southern plantation meets industrial elegance.”

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