Is there really such a thing as decorating wrong for the holidays?  Do you want your home to be picture worthy this holiday season? How can you make it more memorable for those gathered in your home for the holidays? Follow along as we discover ways to make your home full of Christmas cheer and setting the stage to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Expand Traditions

First, do not let traditional reds and greens of Christmas limit your decorating. Mix in different shade of reds and greens for more depth. Add different textures and styles to give your home a more stylish look. For instance, I use deer horns as part of my tree decoration. I don’t mean sticking a deer head in the side of a tree and hanging garland from the antlers but just utilizing the sheds. Place them in different open spots down in the tree. They are just another element adding depth. Photographing the tree with all the different colors and a mixture of elements, will surely make an incredible photo.

Molly Cooper decorates a tree in non-traditional colors.


They have been around for forever. Some like them while others like the more eclectic look, but a theme is good to keep a clear direction. If you had rather have a theme for each space or a theme that flows through the entire home, pick one and stick with it. Photos will be more cohesive, and memories of mom’s Christmas tree collection will stick out in your mind forever.


An Honest Abe Log Homes customer created a display with favorite pieces and accented it with a lighted cedar bough.

With home decorations and design anytime of year…the most important thing in my mind is…lighting! Lighting is a make it or break it in home design, and while designing your home for the Holidays, keep lighting in mind. If you think your tree is lite enough… add another string. Christmas tree lights make a space dreamy, and a perfectly placed camera lenses will preserve memories till the end of time.


Don’t be so concerned in making everything perfect you forget the basics that the holidays are based on. Bring out the Christmas tree, and reindeer, Santa and the snowmen. Place each with care, both in groups or standing alone and display everything that makes your heart full of joy this holiday season.

Personal Touch

A nature-loving family created a wood Merry Christmas swag for their outdoor living room.

Lastly, please add your own personal touch. My sweet mama still uses my handmade kindergarten ornaments I made a long time ago. That is what makes her happy. They may not match your décor exactly, they are surely not “in style” – mine almost embarrass me each year – but I know that is a memory she cherishes each year. If your collection of a vintage Christmas village is what makes you happy but doesn’t match exactly, use it anyway and make it work and that will make you happy.

No matter how you view the holiday season, it all comes down to filling your home with joy. You spend a lot of time in your home with your family and friends, so helping your home bring you happiness and love will provide you with a picture perfect holiday season that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Article by Molly Cooper, Honest Abe Log Homes Interior Designer, Cooper & Co.


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