April’s Honest Abe Living showcases a new log cabin in the foothills of Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains that will become a retirement home for a North Carolina couple. 
Additionally, there’s a link included to a library of homeowner stories, photos and interviews from past Honest Abe Living issues and national log and timber publications.
We’ll explain how Honest Abe is conducting log raisings through a series of free, on-demand videos during this “safer at home” time and how you can register to begin receiving the links as they become available.
The online, interactive issue is filled with ideas, advice and tips this month. 
Honest Abe’s in-house designer Molly Cooper of Cooper & Co. shares her experience in creating a modern, multi-use bath/dressing room/closet suite for a pair of young homeowners. 
An environmental biologist explains the value of a wetland and how to manage it if one is located on your property.
In this issue you’ll learn more about creating hybrid homes using a combination of building materials and construction methods. 
You’ll also receive guidance from the experts at Perma-Chink systems for conducting a home maintenance inspection and prioritizing necessary tasks.
Five of Honest Abe’s most popular floor plans from a small cabin to a luxury home are highlighted and compared.
Honest Abe Sales Representative Inez Price shares her grandchild-pleasing recipe for Chicken and Noodles.
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