by Molly Cooper, Cooper & Co.

It seems that the year is about to come to a close, but not before the most wonderful time of the year gets underway. That’s right, the Christmas holiday season is upon us, and while this is an interiors and design blog, let’s have a little fun this month and really step up your gift-giving game!

You have always heard not everything is a competition…maybe not, but I love winning, and gift-giving is no different. That is not the point though, seeing your friends and loved ones truly happy is what gifting is all about, but it isn’t wrong to bring the best gifts.


Each year, at my grandparents’ home we play the dirty Santa game…you know the one where you can steal a gift if you like it better than the one you unwrapped. Last year was a hard year for everyone, especially the elderly, so I ordered one of those hand casting kits from Amazon and had my sweet grandparents hold hands until the mold formed.

I poured the plaster and waited. Y’all, it turned out perfect, and it was their hands – their perfectly wrinkled, full of wisdom and love for one another hands. I kept it for myself, but I got the idea to gift one for our dirty Santa gifting game, I paired it with a slate with their home address coordinates engraved on it. Let me tell you, the game surely got “dirty,” and that gift was stolen the whole time.

Personalized Gifts

Another idea to win the heart of your recipients is something personalized, and if you can manage to craft it yourself, that is just icing on the cake. My mom is “extra.” She makes all her grandkids an ornament that fits their personality. They love all the gifts, but when I say they race to find their ornament, that is an understatement…even the boys!

Other thoughtful items that are often personalized include a rug for the front porch with the family’s last name on it or a wall hanging for newlyweds with “our first Christmas” and the year. A personalized gift always shows thought went into giving it, and it is really the thought that counts.

Fun but Useful

Last and certainly not least, give home décor. Err on the side of caution with color or smells or “themes.” Choose items that you know they will like. Candles may seem common and blankets too ordinary, but gifting a sweet-smelling candle that reminds you of them or a cozy blanket to snuggle up with may be the perfect gift after all, and not to worry, these items will be utilized and not lost in the back of the closet by the end of January.

No matter what gift you give, it is a wonderful feeling to give. This year try these ideas out on your Christmas list and don’t forget to find a wonderful charity, angel tree or a less fortunate family in your community and give them the gift of joy and happiness this holiday season.

Merry Christmas everyone, may this holiday season bring you and your family great memories together!


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