Honest Abe’s Floor Plan Catalog & Product and Planning Guide

Our 52-page Honest Abe Floor Plan Catalog includes our standard plans as well as a variety of custom plans imagined by Honest Abe customers – all created by Honest Abe’s design team. 

Inside you will find a rendering of each plan along with a basic plan. Any plan can be created as a as a log, timber frame or Structural Insulate Panel (SIP) home or a hybrid combination of all these styles and can be customized specifically for your needs, meaning you can move rooms around, change room sizes, add rooms, change locations of doors and windows, add or change porches or outdoor living spaces…you get the point.

Inspiring Homes Product and Planning Guide

Honest Abe Log Homes Inspiring Homes Product and Planning Guide is a 52-page online publication that features information specific to our products, company history, manufacturing process, green practices, building systems, log homes, cabins and timber frame homes, package contents, design options and more. This publication is filled with photos. It inspires home design ideas and is the companion piece to our 52-page Honest Abe Floor Plan Catalog. 


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