Fireplaces are increasingly becoming a must-have for home buyers. Whether your home already has a fireplace or you’re looking to have one added into your space, it’s vital to know that there are different types to choose from. Whether you love an indoor fireplace over an outdoor fire, or you had rather have gas burning for the convenience as opposed to wood burning, most folks can honestly say they love a good fireplace.  The question is, what is a good fireplace? There is not just one “good” answer. Your needs and its desired location will dictate what will make your fireplace great.

If you have a dream of owning a cabin in the woods and hearing the roaring, crackling fireplace, then wood burning is definitely for you.  While others want no part of splitting wood in the dead of winter, a gas or electric burning fireplace might be right for you. Even if you live in an apartment and cannot wait for the “five-year plan” to pan out, with the newly built home and white picket fence, go to your local home improvement store and pick up a unit with a mantle built around it. Plug it into the electrical outlet and enjoy until your dream home happens.

Have you just bought a home and a fireplace is the only thing that is lacking from your “must-have” list?  Overall, it’s easy to add a fireplace in your home, but you need to make sure that it fits your needs. Before you start your project, think about what sort of look or purpose you would like to reach with your fireplace. If you want something that heats up the area, then go with a wood or gas stove.  If you just simply want to enjoy the look then an electric unit might be just right for you. 

No matter the location or the need you have, make sure you choose the correct type of fireplace. There are vented and ventless options, so do your homework on what will work best for you and your home, because I can assure you there is a fireplace that is perfect for you.  With the holidays quickly approaching, a fireplace always seems to be the center of decorating, with the stockings hung and fresh greenery placed just right, and fireplace and mantle are just what you need to complete your home and your decorating during the holidays and all throughout the year.

By Molly Cooper, Cooper & Co. Interior Design, Honest Abe Log Homes


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