Over and over again, the strength and durability of log homes is proven by real-world examples.  This photo may not be the prettiest, but it’s a great example of the strength of our log walls and roof systems.  Just read the testimonial from the professional below:

Ron Pitts has an Honest Abe Log Home he built in Lascassas in the 80s, he had a big maple tree fall on it. It crushed the porch and you can see the size of the crane they needed to move the tree off the house.  When the tree guys came to look at the house he was told “it was a good thing he lived in a log house, because if he had been in a framed house it would have gone all the way through it”.

This isn’t the only testimonial available.  Read about Honest Abe log homes hit directly and indirectly by tornados by visiting our Featured Articles page on the Honest Abe web site.