There are many reasons why Honest Abe uses Douglas Fir for heavy timber rafters, collar ties, wall-tie trusses, ceiling beams, girders and timber frame components.

“Abundance equals affordability, and since Douglas Fir is the most plentiful of all North American softwood species, it is economical for Honest Abe homeowners without compromise of aesthetics or quality,” said Jackie Cherry, wood buyer for Honest Abe Log Homes.

Cherry said that Douglas Fir is naturally dimensionally stable and has the ability to season well in position, virtually eliminating the twisting of timbers.

“Its superior strength to weight ratio makes it ideally suited for structural beams,” he said, adding that it also provides excellent nail and plate holding capacity that is necessary in rafter design.

Douglas Fir has a documented superior performance against natural forces such as winds, storms and earthquakes

“That provides peace of mind for our clients in potentially dangerous situations no matter where they live,” Cherry said.

Douglas Fir’s natural beauty coupled with its rugged ability to withstand abuse makes it the perfect complement to Honest Abe’s Eastern White Pine log home, log cabin or timber home packages.

“The species’ knots are tight and close-grained, making them less likely to loosen or fall out than other species,” Cherry said. “Its reddish tint provides pleasing contrast to pine within the structure.” Douglas Fir’s natural beauty is enhanced by its capacity to easily accept decorative stains and protective finishes, ensuring simplicity of application and longevity of finish.

Cherry said that all wood used by Honest Abe meets or exceeds industry standards.

“Our manufacturing staff members are certified graders under nationally-recognized Timber Products Inspection (TPI) regulations,” Cherry said. “In addition to monthly industry evaluations from TPI, we follow our own quality-control process every day to produce the best possible logs for your home.”

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