by Molly Cooper, Cooper & Co.

It seems most homeowners always have a list of to-dos for their home. Things you would like to improve, “wishes” that should have been done when building or remodel dreams!  What I can’t quite understand, why wait? Don’t wait to do the things…do them now or at the very least, plan! 

There are so many things to think about when it comes to projects and improvements, timing, size of the project, budget, the list goes on.  Now I realize that most of you must think of the budget aspect first.  You have it in your head that all your dreams are too expensive. You assume you can’t just hire someone, because the cost is too high. Someone to come into your home and know what you want and then actually do it, it would to cost a mint!  You also know that you can’t afford to stop what you’re doing and do it yourself. First, because you’re no carpenter and secondly, because you have no idea exactly where to start. So, you get discouraged and leave the things on that dreaded to-do list.

Why? Why do you do that? Why wait? Everyone should design the home they want now, don’t wait to live your dream. You say, but I can’t design, and I say, oh yes you can!  You have a picture in your head of how everything would look. What your pop of color will be, your “center of attention” piece of furniture, the bathroom fixture finish. Each aspect of the design you have in your head, even down to the picture-perfect Pinterest pantry, that you know full well no one actually has! You may not realize it but you have the design you have always wanted in your thoughts and in your Pins. Now what you may NOT have is the way to put it all together and make it happen.  

It is easy, hire someone. What more, you can afford it!  Think of it like this, your time is worth money, and by the time you go out and find all the things or move the walls and make it all happen, and remember you’re not a carpenter, you’ll have cut corners and still end up with things still on the list. So, bring in someone who can make all the thoughts and all the pins come to life. Interior Designers are the perfect tool.  They can get to know you, your likes and your dislikes, what you have always wanted and what you can do without. Let the designer do the leg work and you sit back in your easy chair, yep that same one you had in mind, with that amazing pop of color pillow, and enjoy! They will coordinate with contractors for the heavy projects and gather everything to bring the design to life. All you must do is enjoy watching your thoughts and pins develop into the home our have always wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, you may not be able to do your entire home all at once but get started, plan and make it happen.  Share your ideas with your designer and let them work for you. Don’t wait to enjoy your dream of living in a home of your dreams!

Editor’s Note: The finish and interior of the entrance hall above was designed by Molly Cooper for the home of a young working couple who opted not to wait on their dream home.

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