by Molly Cooper, Interior Designer, Cooper & Co.

For most, February is the month of Love. Love is not just for relationships though, it can be for all things in your life. For instance, do you love your home? Do you love waking up every morning and seeing that color on your walls, do you love your decor, your furnishings, your fixtures? Well take it from someone who changes her mind about home decor in her home on the daily, you should ABSOLUTELY love, love your home. Let’s dive into a few things you can do to make you love your home. 

First, if you truly do not like very much about your whole home, if it just simply doesn’t work for your family, maybe at one point it did, a few kids ago, but not now, the obvious choice for you (if the budget and time is there) is to completely move on to another home, weather you want to build or buy something that will fit your now larger family, study the market what is available in your price range and if building is something you have always dreamed of, then study home plans, take ideas from homes you have been in and note them on a plan you “mostly” like, just tweak it here and there. For example, if I were to build a kitchen, I would make sure it had a butlers pantry that was accessible from the kitchen as well as the back hall where the groceries come in from the garage. Small things make a big difference on your love for your home, so find a home to love and make it yours.

So buying and building are out, but you’re still not just over heels in love with the home that you are stuck with, at least for the foreseeable future. Ask yourself what you are able to do, which parts could use some updating, and from that list prioritize your needs compared to the expenses of each project. Not every room will need a complete overhaul, but the key rooms you spend the majority of your time in may use a touch-up. List out what would make you love each space more and work at the list until you have a home you love walking into and waking up to each day!

If buying or building and remodeling aren’t for you, then a simple refresh will make any home feel new again.  You can use what you have or give yourself a $500 budget at a home decor discount store (shop with sales and coupons to stretch your dollar). One of the most simple refreshes you can do is a fresh coat of paint, so for a days work and under $50, you can roll on a fresh coat of paint and redecorate a room that is sure to make you fall in love with it all over again. 

No matter which of the above describes you and your current “home-love” situation, you 100% need to love your home, because loving your spaces will make you feel more at ease so you can pour all your love into everything else in life. 


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