I am often asked how to how to this or can you show me how to do that? Things I guess I take for granted and think most everyone is comfortable with doing, simply is not always the case…but I am here to help. What are some things you’d like to know? How to dress a bed, or how to paint a door?  So let’s learn a few simple things to take your interior to the next level. 

How do you properly dress a bed? Where do you start? What completes a “properly dressed bed”? First things first, lets start with a beautifully matched headboard and footboard, sturdy frame and the most comfortable mattress. Cover the frame and boxsprings with a nice simple cover, a mattress topper and protect all that with a mattress cover. Now for the fun part,  find the most luxurious sheets, start with a fitted sheet, topped with a flat sheet, bonus points if you tuck the sheets nice and tight for maximum crispness!

Grab a nice fluffy comforter, quilt or duvet (we all have our preferences) give it a nice fold at the top and place a comfy throw or… bed scarf if your fancy…across the footboard. Next up pillows…yes you can have to many, but in some cases you can have to little. If it is a twin bed your dressing, three is my max , if your dressing a king…well lets just say the husband is not going to be very excited. 

The first layer of pillows are preference, these are the pillows you use while sleeping, are you good with one pillow under your neck or do you like two for max comfort, personally I am a two pillow girl. Next I’d place the euro shams (3 for king) upright and then two king standard shams. A few larger and a smaller throw pillow or two and you have just dressed  a beautiful luxurious bed…way to go!

Painting a door seems easy enough, but for some they will put up with an ugly door because they are scared to put paint on a brush or load a roller and take off. I am sure the pros would give different advise but from me…her we go! Take your brush, cut in all the panels or any area the roller can not get to well and put a nice even coat of paint in all those areas. Next, take a roller, a small 4” or 5” sponge roller “load” the roller…that is an actual painting term… and roll all the areas you missed with the roller. Smooth out all areas you can get to with a roller for a seamless painted beautiful door.

There are tons more, easy, interior tasks that may be daunting to most, but are just a question or a you tube search away…so research it and get it done for yourself, it will make you feel oh so accomplished and ready to take on the next task!

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