by Terry Knight, Knoxville Branch Manager, Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.

Sometimes we just want something unique – something that expresses our distinctive style. As you look through Perma- Chink’s standard Lifeline Interior™ or Lifeline Accents™ colors, it may instinctively appear that there are limitations to the interior color options. Fortunately, there are copious possibilities for you, so let’s get creative and have some fun while discovering your perfect color!
Because the interior of your home does not receive the environmental exposure the exterior does, it affords more flexibility for color creativity. You can use one or more color coats, depending upon what you like. Additionally, you can expand your color ingenuity by incorporating Prelude™ (one of our best kept interior secrets)!
A single coat of Prelude™ on your clean, bare wood will provide UV protection and will dry clear, so it is a great primer. Prelude™ will also allow your color coat(s) to go on a little lighter in hue with improved color consistency during the application process.
Start by applying a single coat of Prelude™, followed by a single interior color coat of your choice; once that has dried, if you want to add another color coat to see the outcome – do it! You will be surprised at the range of colors you can achieve by testing with or without Prelude™ and adding one or more color coats, so have some fun playing with free samples to find your perfect shade!
Once you have found the color for your interior walls, ensure easier cleaning and omit odor absorption by applying your choice of either Lifeline Acrylic™ or Sure Shine™ over your color coat(s). Odors?! Yes, you read that correctly: wood is porous and will absorb odors through the years, so protect your interior wood!
What if you just want to keep the beautiful, natural color of your interior wood and have no desire to mess with colors, is that an option? Absolutely! There are two options you can consider for achieving the natural look while providing enduring protection:

  1. Apply a single coat of Lifeline Interior™ Clear, #110 (we recommend adding UV Boost, as it will assist with protecting your interior walls from UV damage that receive sun exposure) and follow it with either Sure Shine™ or Lifeline Acrylic™ for added protection.
  2. Apply a single coat of Prelude™ (this already has UV inhibitors in it, so there is no need to purchase UV Boost) and follow it with either Sure Shine™ or Lifeline Acrylic™ for durable protection. Lifeline Acrylic™ and Sure Shine™ are available in either a Gloss or Satin finish, and both are wonderful at resisting the yellowing that some finishes create. You can also apply multiple coats of Lifeline Acrylic™ or Sure Shine™ to obtain the lustrous sheen desired!

If you have additional questions please call 800-548-3554 or start an online chat at with one of our Customer Service Representatives. We are always delighted to assist you! Enjoy making your home distinctively yours.