A special ceremony was recently held at Honest Abe Log Homes to honor Rick Denton (picture above, right, with Honest Abe founder Doug Smith), who was awarded president emeritus status.

In recognition of his dedicated past, combined with the continued positive impact Rick Denton has made, Honest Abe Log Homes awarded him the honorary title of “President Emeritus.”

“Rick will always be the founding president of Honest Abe, and his success has earned him the respect and attention from its current leaders and owners,” said Joshua Beasley company president.

Rick retired from the company in 2007 after serving as its President since being founded in 1979 by owner Doug Smith. Under Rick’s leadership the company, located in our small rural community, became one of the nations most recognized log home brands. Though retired, Honest Abe continues to lean on Rick’s experience and insight as he assists with projects and consulting.

The idea to recognize Rick with the title originated with April Smith Patterson, the company’s Joint Operating Officer.

“It just seemed like the natural next step to take,” Patterson said, adding “Rick may no longer be active in the day-to-day business of the company, but his input is greatly valued by us all.”

Patterson said that the emeritus title symbolizes not only “our appreciation of his leadership in the past, but also our confidence in his contributions going forward.”