Each year people from all around the country travel to Honest Abe Log Homes’ headquarters in Moss, Tennessee, to watch a Log Raising Event where representatives from the company build a small structure from its logs and timbers.

“We’ve held this event for more than 30 years because it’s such a great educational experience for people who are interested in owning a log home,” said Josh Beasley, Honest Abe’s President. “With the ongoing pandemic, doing this in person just isn’t safe. For the first time we’re offering an online presentation designed around our traditional log raising event.”

In this video invitation (click here), Beasley explains more about the series. Registration is free and may be completed online HERE.

Beasley said that once the series begins, Honest Abe will send out short daily videos by email offering information on:

  • custom floor plan design,
  • interior design services,
  • foundations and subfloor,
  • log species, styles, grade & kiln drying
  • stacking logs & log walls
  • timber frame and SIP options
  • exposed ceiling beam & second floor system
  • roof options, including the exposed rafter system
  • porches and decks
  • interior framing and options
  • doors and windows
  • staining & maintenance expectations
  • dry-in / partial construction options
  • delivering a finished home package

“As an added bonus, we’re asking for registrants’ shipping address because once registered, we’ll mail a hard copy of our free literature and a packet of other information that will be useful to review during the log raising videos,” Beasley said.

For more information about Honest Abe Log Homes, a 40-year-old family-owned manufacturer of log and timber homes, visit honestabe.com.


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