When it comes to your home away from home, you want to have a happy space while you work.  Do you go to an office down the street or down the hall, either way, making a space that is inviting every day will make for a more productive work day and a much happier employee.

Start out by planning what and how your office needs to work for you. Do you work within a cubical space or have a walled off space to yourself. Do you need one desk or multiple desk spaces depending on your workflow? Do you need filing cabinets, guest chairs, special printer stands or space for a larger rolling printer? Make sure you get the bones established and then you can plan around them.

Recently I made over some office spaces, to make the users feel more comfortable, I sourced “home office” type furniture. It feels like home while you work. There are so many options, but we ultimately settled on a darker wood for the office space giving very masculine vibes. 

I also talked with them and they let me know what all they enjoyed doing outside of the office. Both of the guys love anything outdoors. Fishing, lakes, rivers, even buffalo. One had recently taken a vacation out west and I took several photos he had taken along with some a friend of mine had taken and I blew them up, had them framed and hung them in the office. They are very nice looking and go very well together for any visitor to enjoy along with the guys who sit and look at the walls all day long. 

We even went on a little adventure to the local cigar shop to grab some empty boxes to use in their new desks as risers and points of interest. No matter what you enjoy you can always include it some way into your office space, and in the end, that will make your space so much more enjoyable to work in every day. 

Another thing that is always high on my list of “Office To-Dos” is keeping it organized. Purchase desk organization pieces to keep your office life straight. It is the worst thing to come into a messy desk each morning…I mean it would make me want to turn around at the door and walk right back out. Keep it clean or at the very least clean it up before you leave each day, make the piles straight and neat and have it all ready for the next day. It will be so much better if you make a point to do this.

No matter where your office is or your set-up, make your office inviting for you and the guest that might come visit you. Make sure it is set up to work well for you, making your days the most efficient they can be. Also make your space personal, bringing in photos from home and things you love to do or look at, and keep it clean and straight it will make for better work days ahead. 

Article by Molly Cooper, Interior Designer with Cooper & Co. Designs. Click for more about design assistance from Molly.