Honest Abe Log Homes’ Crossville Model Home is featured on the cover of the March issue of Log Home Living, which features a story and an 8-page photo spread showcasing Honest Abe designer Michael Hix’s award-winning Cambridge floor plan design. 

   “It’s highly unusual for the sales model of a log home producer to even be considered for publication in a magazine,” said Josh Beasley, President of Honest Abe Log Homes. “Having the Cambridge on the front cover of Log Home Living speaks to how innovative and beautiful the model and the Cambridge design really is.”

   Beasley said Honest Abe’s Director of Marketing, Claudia Johnson, who is also a professional freelance writer, was tapped by Log Home Living editor Donna Peak to write the story.

   “It may have been one of the tougher writing assignments Claudia has had in a while,” Beasley observed. “The article couldn’t become an ad for Honest Abe, so she had an incredible challenge to overcome in describing the home and its value to prospective home buyers. Her skill at navigating this path and painting a picture with words really shined through in this publication.”

   The March issue of Log Home Living is on sale at newsstands now. For more on the model, visit The Cambridge on Honest Abe’s website.