By Josh Watson, Construction Coordinator for Honest Abe Log Homes

Coming in from the cold weather of Coventry, Connecticut, the Sears chose the warmth of an Honest Abe Log Home built in Tennessee.  Upon completion of the design process this past April, the Sears’ started preparing for their log home package.  It didn’t take long for Bill, a contractor himself, to be ready for Honest Abe’s dry-in crew.

Bill and Karen Sears house is a custom 32’ x 35’ Round Log home sitting on a full basement.  It houses 1,880 sq. ft. of usable space with an attached two-car garage. One unique design choice is that the basement can be accessed from the house and garage, something Bill specifically chose for convenience and safety.  The logs are covered by the porch on all four sides, accessing the garage on both ends. The Sears chose Honest Abe’s Heavy Timber Roof, and placed two shed dormers on the front side with a larger shed dormer on the opposite end.  A balcony completes the exterior look which turned out stunning.  The Heavy Timber extended out above the balcony and is contrasted by the 8” x 8” White Pine post bracing it from top to bottom. The Sears plan is our “House of the Month” so take the time to check out the interior floor plan as well.

A “congrats” goes out to Honest Abe builder, Mike Strong and his crew, who did an excellent job constructing this house as evidenced by the pictures!

Customer: Bill Sears
Salesperson: Dan Smith, Murfreesboro, TN
Construction Crew: WEB Construction Inc
Log Profile: Round/Round Log