Honest Abe helps with log or timber home construction.


What is it, and what does it include?

Dry-in service is the use of one of our trained, experienced crews for the assembly of your home package. The Dry-in Service is available in limited areas. For details contact a sales office near you.

Our dry-in services include:


  • Install termite shield
  • Anchor sill plate to foundation
  • Install first floor framing
  • Install subfloor decking


  • Stack logs, assemble timber frame or conventional walls
  • Install rough opening frames for windows & doors


  • Set trusses or install rafters
  • Install tongue-and-groove decking (heavy timber only) Install roof insulation (heavy timber only)
  • Install roof sheathing & synthetic felt
  • Install soffits, vents & fascia trim


Frame & side gable ends (exterior)


  • Install windows included with package
  • Install exterior doors included with package
  • Trim exterior of installed windows and doors


Rough frame interior partitions per plans


  • Construct porch & deck floors on customer’s supports. Frame upper porch system
  • Install decking & synthetic felt on porch roof(s)

With one-and-a-half or two-story homes, the following would be included:


  • Install ceiling beams & support girders
  • Install second-floor tongue-and-groove decking


Frame & side exterior gable or shed dormers per plans.


Rough in stairs to second floor only

What to expect from the Honest Abe Construction Department

  • Reliability — Once an Honest Abe Construction Department crew is assigned to construct your home, they will remain focused on your project until completed. 
  • Experience — Most of our crew leaders have been building Honest Abe Log Homes for almost 20 years. That is experience unmatched within the log home industry!
  • Craftsmanship — We ensure our crews have the equipment and training to construct your home the right way, as it should be.
  • Security — Our crews are fully insured builders, giving our customers peace of mind.
  • Affordability — Though each have a priceless amount of experience and knowledge of constructing Honest Abe Log Homes, our dry-in service is also affordable and competitive with current labor rates.

Honest Abe HELP Build Program

During the process of designing, manufacturing and delivering your package, the Honest Abe Construction Department will put you in contact with professional builders to complete your log or timber home. With the HELP Build Program, we want to Help Everyone Locate Professional Builders to complete the construction and finishing process of your Honest Abe home package.

Expanding on the dry-in service, the HELP Build Program makes it possible for new log home owners to get the kind of assistance they need for finishing their Honest Abe log or timber frame home package with help from local independent contractors in your area.

Honest Abe will assist you in locating qualified tradesmen, such as log home builders, electricians, plumbers, masons, excavators, etc. 

Honest Abe Construction Department’s Help Build Program Contractors Specialize in:

Excavation – Drywall – Roofing – Stain Application – Trim Work – Foundations – Plumbing – Tile – HVAC – Landscaping – Painting – Electrical – Septic Tank Installation – Etc.

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