We don’t want to perpetuate any stereotypes here, and we certainly do not want to start any arguments, but it’s just a fact that men and women have different priorities when it comes to planning a new home.

In our experiences working with dozens of couples, we’ve noticed that women are usually much more concerned about the design of the kitchen and dining area than their partner partners, unless, of course, it’s the man who handles most of the culinary responsibilities. Women like to plan the master suite, and that includes the closets, dressing areas and master bath. Actually, women are more concerned with all the bedroom planning, especially for the children.

Men tend to focus on the areas the most envision themselves using. They’re very outspoken about the den, game room or bar. They usually have a plan for the outdoor buildings like garages or carports, sheds or workshops. Guys are surprisingly vocal about the bathroom they will be using most, or at least about the area where they will be getting ready for the day.

Many homes now have offices, and both partners expect to plan that space together. However, we’re even seeing his and hers offices in many homes now. Spaces for relaxation as a couple or family are clearly a joint effort. These include patios and porches, outdoor entertainment areas, pools and spas and the family or great room.

Of course, there are no rules here. Every situation is different, but it may be helpful to discuss this subject early on. As exciting as it is to build a home, admittedly, it can be stressful. Exploring each person’s desires, ideas and expectations while recognizing their interests, strengths and passions can make the process more harmonious and produce a home both people imagined.

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