Log or Timber Frame construction makes durable, beautiful commercial buildings. Honest Abe Log Homes is not just a designer, manufacturer and builder of log and timber residential properties. Over the past 40 years, we’ve helped numerous organizations, governmental agencies, churches and business owners create the structure that would best further their mission and goals.
When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, business owners are looking for four main things: great location, cost effective buildings, a design that will stand out and draw attention to them and promote their brand and finally a building that will last.

“I also have noticed that some business owners see a lot of negative things about steel building construction and are looking for a great alternative,” says Honest Abe Log Homes Dealer Manager DAvid Everitt. “I feel that Timber Construction or Log Home Construction is the answer.”

David says that not only do you have unlimited design capabilities, you can have any finish that meets your needs, and you have a faster construction time than normal stick build facilities.

“You have a design that not only looks great on the outside to get the attention you desire, but also an interior that can be designed to fit your needs and your customer needs,” David pointed out. “You also have a distinctive interior that invites return visits and promotes people talking about the feel and look of your new business.”

Log or Timber Frame construction are great choices for restaurants, inns, motels, hunting lodges, retreats, retail stores, clubs and more. Over the years, Honest Abe Log Homes has created many structures for commercial customers.

So if you want to stand out, want fast turnaround time, need to open as fast as possible and desire a building that will last for years to come and a building that will help your bottom line, call Honest Abe Log Homes.

“We can coordinate the design and construction of your new business location,
 David said, adding that the Sales Representative or Independent Dealer who serves the region in which the new building will be constructed will be introduced to you. “You can call our toll free number or use our secure online registration to get started.”