See How Honest Abe Homeowners Use Color

Color is a marvelous tool when it comes to finishing your log home, especially when picking the best log home finish for your home.

Choosing the right colors can give your log and timber home a warm, traditional feel that brings about feelings of the frontier, surrounded by nature. Or, choosing the right colors can create a modern, welcoming log and timber home that mixes the classic log home with today’s design influence.

There isn’t a wrong answer when it comes to selecting the color palette for your log home. The traditional approach has deep, rich tones of browns and reds, bringing out the natural features of the wood. Discuss your stain options with your Honest Abe Sales Representative or Independent Dealer. Stains and finishes are part of your log package and timber home package. 

Pairing the dark features of wood, highlighting certain structural elements, and using light colors in large areas can give log homes a fresh look. Creating a new, modern traditional log home with colors is easily achieved, especially when using the family of Lifeline finishes which come in more than 70 standard colors from Perma-Chink Systems. Your representative can help you get samples of colors that interest you, so just ask.

Below are examples of homes designed and manufactured by Honest Abe Log Homes with information about the finishes used.

Perma-Chink’s Spruce Green Exterior Stain

Perma-Chink’s Ultra2 835 in Sequoia

Perma-Chink Gentry Gray

Perma-Chink’s Lifeline transparent Black Walnut

Perma-Chink Moonlit Mahogany on the Douglas Fir ceiling beams, Sunlight Walnut on the Eastern white pine walls and tongue-and groove ceiling and Early American on the doors and baseboards.

Perma-Chink’s Ultra-7 BRONZE

Chestnut stain and Sandstone-tinted chinking from Perma-Chink.

Black Walnut for trim and beams and the logs Gentry Grey.

Rustic Gray/Brown Perma-Chink Systems stain on the beams and trim

Perma-Chink’s Caramel

Perma-Chink’s Smoke Gray

Ultra 7 Smoke

Lifeline Exterior Colors

Perma Chink Colors

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