Propertyby Jeff Clements, Vice President, Honest Abe Log Homes

Where do you want your new log home, log cabin or timber frame home to be? That greatly varies. It’s commented many times that we just don’t see that many log or timber frame homes driving up and down the road. There is a good explanation for that. Many times the property where these homes are being built is as unique as the owners and the home itself. Through the fields on top of the hill. At the end of the dead end-road, hidden back in the valley or hollow. On the side of the hill with a great view. These homes are built everywhere and usually there is an emotional reason why someone chooses the property they choose.

I knew when I was about 14 years old where I wanted my log home to be. It was on top of the hill in the woods where I rode horses and squirrel hunted growing up. I was lucky that this was on our 5th generation farm, and my mom and dad told Lisa and me to pick out wherever we wanted to build and then they deeded us that spot.

Where you put that dream home that you’ve always wanted is just as important as the design. You’ve got the vision of where you want it and how you’ve pictured this home as you’re driving up in your driveway.

  1. After the emotional considerations, it is good have logical considerations regarding the property.
  2. Do I have access to utilities and services? If so, what is the cost?
  3. Where is my water coming from? Do I dig a well?
  4. Is there sewer options or do I need a septic tank? Will my soil pass the perk test? Do I have enough space to get my field lines in on my lot?
  5. Are there any restrictive covenants where you are building? Are there square footage minimums?
  6. Are there any environmental restrictions… this property in a flood zone or a wetland?
  7. After you find out that you can build your wood home on the property and have utilities, etc. and that the price is acceptable,
  8. I urge you to purchase early which will give you time to build equity in the property.

NOTE: Jeff Clements and wife Lisa are Honest Abe Log Home owners who built their custom log home prior to his professional relationship with Honest Abe.

Here’s a link to a free webinar hosted by Honest Abe Vice President Jeff Clements and Log Home Living Magazine. It guides you through considerations for designing and building a log or timber home.

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