It is always fun to think about visitors coming but the ones who get to stay a few days and nights in your home are the best. Designing a space for your guests they will be comfortable in as they visit requires more than clean sheets and extra towels set out in the bathroom.  Here are a few tips to keep your guest relaxed as they visit and looking forward to their next trip to your home.

A guest bedroom decorated with little touches of the region.

First and foremost, don’t overwhelm the space. Keep it simple and not a lot of items sitting around. A few photo frames, include the guest if you have photos of them, a nice plant, to bring in life to the space, nice art on the walls. They don’t require a lot, since they are only staying a few days, but you want them to feel calm while they are there.

I always like to sit out a tray with a few things they may need or have forgotten at home. A bottle of water, a tube of Chapstick, a piece or two of chocolate, y’all no one will get upset with if you give them chocolate, a small travel size bottle of lotion and the wi-fi password. This is just small things that will show them you really thought about their stay with you.

The bed is the clear center of attention and the fluffier and cozier the better!  Make it feel like a real vacation.  Nice sheets, all crisp and clean for that real hotel feel. A comfy comforter and blanket with an extra throw at the end of the bed just in case they get cold while visiting.  Pillows, can you really have to many?  Give them options, firm, soft and somewhere in between. Throw pillows to make it pretty and double as a prop just in case for their iPad or computers.

Next give them a clear place to sit, even if it is just a stool, poof, or bench at the end of the bed. Let them have a spot to sit to put on or take off their shoes. If you have a space large enough for a full chair that is even better. They may want to catch a few pages of their book or reply to some emails they need to get back to, but a place to sit is a nice touch.

This may not always be needed but nice to provide, nonetheless. Give them empty drawer space in their room, and if possible, some hanging space in the closet as well. They may want to unpack some items and not live out of their suitcase all weekend. Also give them an area to rest their travel gear.  Just an out of the way spot to roll their luggage into out of the way, so they can feel organized and comfortable during their stay.

Having guests in your home doesn’t always have to be a stressful time, if you plan well and don’t wait to stock the space last minute, you can greet your guests with open arms and be ready to have a fun filled time while they spend a few days or weeks with you and your family in your home.

A comfortable, well-lighted bedroom.













A bedroom for the grandkids.


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