I absolutely love have gatherings and parties in the fall. It seems no matter what the occasion is, bringing in a touch of fall is always the way to go.

Weather it is a birthday party for a one year old decorated with dainty little pumpkins (you can paint them…any color…and it is still counts as fall décor) or a beautiful wedding bringing in maroons and golds that just say “fall is our love,” you can do so much with so little.

As the say a first impression is hard to change, so make your guest feel welcome by decorating the “entrance” to your party. If it is an outdoor gathering, make some type of faux arbor out of corn stalks stacked hay and pumpkins, this will show your party goers “this way to the fun.”

If you are having guest come inside, then of course, decorate the porches to you home and bring the fall décor all the way down the steps. Can you really ever have to many pumpkins?

At any gathering, food is generally involved, so go all out of the tablescape and display the food rising some up and having some on platters directly on the table.

To bring the fall in, go find some acorns in the backyard (or borrow some from the neighbors 😊), cut some fall foliage, bring in a few small potted mums and of course some pumpkins, mix that around on the food table and folks won’t be able to keep their hands, and bellies away.

Aside from gathering and parties, birthdays or weddings, fall is my most favorite time of year to decorate. The leaves are changing into magnificent hues and everything feels as if a calm surrounds you.

Enjoy this time, cuddle up with a cozy blanket, sip on a nice warm cups of apple cider and enjoy the wonder God gives us each fall.

Advice from Molly Cooper, designer, Cooper & Co.


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An intimate autumn table setting (above) is elegant but convientent in its use of a combination of paper plates and napkins coupled with glass bowls and stemware. An antique chalkware squirel, vintage salt and pepper and an old candy dish filled with candy corn pumpkins on a dollar store felt maple leaf cutout create a simple but festive centerpiece.

This simple decoration from a barn wedding reception utilizes a wood cutout, wool blanket, white pumpkins and candle lamps.

For a multi-guest event, designer Molly Cooper used fresh greenery, small pumpkins, white candles and a freshly cut slice of hardwood. The black and white tablecloths are plastic, making cleanup easier.

An Honest Abe customer shared her fall gathering setup. The orange candle, brown bowl and green vintage plates create a hint of autumn without the use of special autumn decor.

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