Turning your home into a seasonal escape.

Fall is a gift of glory for which we can all decorate.

by Molly Cooper, designer, Cooper & Co.

Fall = family, friends and cozy get togethers.

Get your whole home, both inside and out, ready for the most colorful season that is upon us. Fall in a log home is nothing short of beautiful, so let’s dive in and get it ready for cool nights out by the fire and cozy blankets while drinking cider, all while making your gathering one folks won’t want to miss.

First, let’s start outside in the yard and porches. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the neighbor’s corn field and cutting down dried up corn stalks and placing them in a big bunch out in the front of our home.

My mom loved fall, and she always made everything look so festive. Take square bales of hay with a few pumpkins and gourds placed around, add an orange bow around the corn bunch for extra color.

Now up on the porch, your flower pots may have played out by now, and it is time to put them away. Why not keep them up there a little longer by pulling out the once beautiful flowers that filled them and use a lantern in the center to create a welcoming glow for evening visitors.

You can either stick a few branches of colorful trees down around the lantern or you can place a fall wreath down over it and letting the back-side rest on the top of the planter.

Bring some pumpkins of kinds and colors along with cabbage plants and beautiful full mums and gourds, grouping them together making for a festive fall look before anyone ever steps foot in the home.

Now for the inside of the home. The bright fall color may not be your thing for the inside, so I would suggest more muted colors for inside while still flowing with you regular décor. Bringing in fall items – I would suggest faux for the inside especially, will bring the fall look in without the brightness screaming fall.

Create a full centerpiece on your dining table stretching down the length of the table, let your guests know it is fall and it is time to embrace all the splendor it brings.

A warm decorative runner with plaids and sprigs of fall in glass open vases the kitchen works too. Your guest also be blown away by the amount of creative fall décor you have put together, using things you use in all the other seasons but pulling it all together with a fall twist.

Simple additions like festive wreaths, plaid pillows and blankets make a huge difference.

Hayrides, apple picking, and leaf seeking, are all so fun, but sometimes the best part of fall is simply cozying up at home. Even if you are on a slim budget, there are still great ways to feature all that the season has to offer.

When done just right, you’ll give your  porches, living room, and any other space in or outside of your home a taste of autumn with pumpkins, plaid, chunky blankets, mums and all things fall you and your guests will just love.

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