by Joshua Beasley, Honest Abe Log Homes

Hidden treasure is spread across our great United States of America, just waiting to be discovered.  Are you ready for the hunt?  We’re not searching for fine jewels, or the luster of gold.  There’s no need for a shovel.  All you’ll need is the adventurous spirit that drove our forefathers to explore the land, a little bit of gas money, and the America’s State Parks web site for reference.

In addition to the many federal parks found in the United States, each state within the union has set aside their own territories for the enjoyment of all.  These parks are often smaller, with less staff and funding than their federal counterparts.  Yet, each seem to have a unique advantage in capturing and preserving their local environments, histories and cultures.

Some state parks are little more than nature preservations with hiking trails, while others offer first class lodging and dining.   Activities vary greatly depending on the park.  Log home enthusiasts tend to enjoy outdoor activities focused around nature.  Camping, cabins and RV sites are common accommodations.  Hiking, fishing, boating, horseback riding, biking and wildlife viewing are all common attractions.  For the kids and those looking for a more athletic experience, state parks commonly have ball fields, swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, golf courses, and the like.

Our home state of Tennessee has 53 parks, our close neighbors in Kentucky has 50 parks to choose from.  Undoubtedly, each park has it’s own unique treasures hidden away, just waiting to be discovered again and again.

I’ve often though it would be a fun family project to visit each state park in Tennessee.  One thing is for sure, if we start this adventure, the America’s State Parks site will be an invaluable resource.  It lists contact information, activities, GPS coordinates, and a variety of other resources on each location.  So, here’s the challenge to find your state’s hidden treasure! From my family to yours, “Safe travels!”

The featured image above is the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park in Tennessee.