After a year of learning to work, go to school and accommodate everyday life under one roof together, the world of home design is making home more friendly and more functional for all the demands of a busy lifestyle operating from one location. Some of the “trends” for 2021 have already been incorporated into the homes of Honest Abe Log Homes clients who’ve built log or timber frame homes in the past decade.We’ve identified eight trends and added a photo from our homeowner galleries to illustrate how these homeowners are ahead of their time.

Cedar Shakes, James K Hardie and Board & Batten – Homeowners are interested in mixing and matching. In addition to adding natural metal and stone elements, there is also an interest in mixing log exteriors with other wood-like elements such as cedar shakes or the James K Hardie cement siding elements that require little maintenance and give the appearance of wood siding.

Drywall and Paints – Interior elements for log homes are incorporating more rooms built with drywall, leaving them paintable. This element allows for the flexibility to change the room colors over time as fashion and furnishings change.

Environmentally Friendly – The conveniences of homes with connectivity that integrates the functions of thermostats, lights and blinds is the most obvious of updated designs but combining these elements with environmentally friendly hot water systems, heating and air, roofing and other building materials is an expected feature of homes built today.

Metal and Stone – Both interior and exterior design trends reflect a growing use of combined materials. The use of metal accents in roofs and facades matched with natural stone elements give both the beauty of aged or aging elements with the elegance of natural stone. Inside the home metal is being used in interesting ways as seen in photo of this custom kitchen.

Designated Home Office Space (above) – While home offices have been included in trending designs for a while, the pandemic put them at the top of everyone’s list as more permanent and functional space in a home as opposed to areas that could be used for a variety of purposes besides a home office. From lighting to connectivity to creative and appealing “think space” the home office has emerged as a private working space away from the hubbub of family life.

Welcoming Extended Family – A year of being apart has brought a desire for families to be closer together. Whether it is making room for an adult child to move home, sometimes with spouses and children, or whether parents are moving in, the extended family estate concept of living together is back. The design to bring family members home but still allow privacy and autonomy is a 2021 design trend.

Country Estates – Toward the end of the 1930s the country estate mansions ended in the United States. The grand families of the era could no longer afford those great houses and their upkeep. Today, however, the idea of a modern country home has returned. The Modern Farmhouse is a grand estate-style home, built with modern comforts for a bustling family, but the grandeur of a by-gone era of gentile country life.

Outdoor Living – The pandemic had us all re-assessing the outdoors and how our property could create living spaces that would allow us to extend the use of the property. Kitchens, gazebos, game rooms, pool areas, seating areas and even a return of country estate planned garden spaces has expanded the home to the outdoors.

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