There are several ways to effectively use lighting in a log home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Connie and Alex Diamond wanted their lighting in their Honest Abe Log Home not only to be beautiful and interesting, they needed it to be functional for the individual space. Notice in these photos of the Diamond home how many types and styles of lighting Connie, who did her own interior design, chose for various rooms.

Here are some lighting tips that will be helpful in designing a lighting plan for your log or timber frame home or cabin.

Natural light: Make the most of natural light by placing windows in strategic locations and choosing window treatments that allow light to filter in.

Layered lighting: Use a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to create a cohesive and well-balanced lighting plan.

Dimmers: Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of the light in a room, which can be helpful for creating different moods or for saving energy.

Wall sconces: Wall sconces are a good option for adding ambient light to a room without taking up floor or table space.

Chandeliers: A chandelier can be a striking focal point in a log home, particularly in a high-ceilinged space such as a great room or foyer.

Task lighting: Use task lighting in areas where you need focused light for specific activities, such as reading or cooking.

Accent lighting: Accent lighting can be used to highlight architectural features or art in a room.

Overall, the key to successful lighting in a log home is to design a cohesive lighting plan that combines different types of lighting to create the desired ambiance and functionality.

– article by Honest Abe Log Homes, ©2023

– photos by Brandon Malone,

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