Log cabins have become very popular in recent years. And it’s no wonder, given all the advantages of living in a log cabin. This type of home represents an excellent choice, from its coziness to its mental health benefits. Unfortunately, you can rarely find or build a log home in the heart of a big city. Therefore, many people opt for a log vacation home. And this is great because you’ll have the best place to unwind and spend quality time with your family and friends. But how can you ensure its safety and security for the rest of the year? Here are seven security tips for your log vacation home that will give you some peace of mind.


No. 1 Don’t leave it empty

When it comes to vacation homes, it isn’t easy to keep them safe and secure all year round. And the main reason for this is that they are left empty for long periods. Therefore, they can quickly become the targets of burglaries. Now, depending on how often you’re planning on visiting your log vacation home, you have three options:

  • Rent out your log vacation home when you’re not there. This solution is great because it keeps your home occupied throughout the year and provides an additional revenue source. Of course, you should find quality tenants to ensure they take care of it properly.
  • Ask your neighbors to look after it when you’re not there. Bonding with your neighbors is a great way to become part of a tight community. And in such communities, people help each other out.
  • Offer your friends a place to spend their vacation. This is another excellent solution that keeps your log vacation home safe and your friends happy. After all, who doesn’t dream about spending a holiday in a log cabin?


No. 2 Take some fire safety measures

When you own a log cabin, you must consider fire safety because fire poses an even more significant threat to your home than burglaries. Therefore, one of the top 7 security tips for your log vacation home is taking some fire safety measures. Firstly, you should install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every room. Secondly, you should clean the chimney regularly to prevent chimney fires. Thirdly, you should hire an electrical inspector to make sure there’s no faulty wiring.

Unfortunately, no matter how many preventive measures you take, you can never fully protect your home. Apart from fire, your home can also face water damage or electrical issues, and so on. Thus, the consultants from Consumer Opinion highly recommend that you obtain both a home warranty and homeowners’ insurance for your log vacation home. This way, no matter what happens, at least you’ll be covered.


No. 3 Secure the windows

Coming back to the topic of burglaries, you should know that windows are your home’s weakest spot. On the one hand, they are easy to break. On the other hand, burglars can see if there are any valuable items worth stealing inside your home. Therefore, securing your windows should be a top priority.

One option is to install security grilles and use curtains to obstruct the view. However, this might not look esthetically pleasing. So, the best solution would be to install exterior shutters. You can leave them open and enjoy the view while you’re there, and safely close them when you’re not.


No. 4 Check the doors and locks

Log vacation homes usually have matching wooden doors. And while they are gorgeous, they are not always very secure. Therefore, you should check the hinges and replace small screws with long bolts. And invest in some high-quality locks. Look for Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks and quality deadbolt locks. All of these will make it very hard for criminals to break in.


No. 5 Light it up

An excellent security tip for your log vacation home is adding extra lighting. On the one hand, interior lights let burglars know that the house is occupied, so they won’t attempt to break in. On the other hand, exterior lights can scare off burglars and enable your neighbors to catch them in the act. So, you might want to invest in motion-sensor lighting to keep your home safe. Or, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can try solar-powered lights.


No. 6 One of the top 7 security tips for your log vacation home is installing a home security system

One of the best ways to protect your log vacation home is by installing a home security system. And there are lots of great options out there. It all depends on how much money you’re willing to invest. For example, you can opt for a simple alarm system to scare off burglars. Or you can install a more complex CCTV system to monitor the home remotely. However, if you want to find the right system for your home, you should consult with a home security company.


No. 7 Give up the hiding spots

In the past, people used to hide spare keys near their homes. However, nowadays, everyone knows about the usual hiding spots. You even see it in the movies. People hide keys under the doormat, under a flower pot, on top of the doorframe, etc. So, forget those hiding spots because they put your home at risk. Instead, you can give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or keep it in a safe deposit box.


Final thoughts

For many people, having a log vacation home is a dream come true. However, our busy lives often prevent us from taking extended holidays. Therefore, our vacation homes stay empty most of the time. And this is problematic for many reasons. On the one hand, if you don’t use and maintain them, they will deteriorate and be prone to various hazards, such as fire. On the other hand, they often become the target of burglaries. Thus, keeping them safe and secure when you’re not there is crucial. So, try these seven security tips for your log vacation home.



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