There is an inherent and unmistakable charm and coziness about log homes. Yet there are also other touches you can add to bring out and enhance that charm. One area where cozy design tips make a considerable difference is in the bedrooms. Simple yet subtle changes to bed frame dimensions and mattress dimensions, for example, can change the feel and complexion of the entire room.

Here is a look at some helpful, smart, and cozy design tips for your log home.

Wooden Bed Frames

For many of us, our homes are our sanctuaries from the crazy, hectic business of the world we live in. And our bedrooms are like the inner sanctuary, and the bed is often our favorite place to be. It’s okay, we know, and it is perfectly okay to have a lounge day or even a weekend in bed. 

After all, what else offers the comfort and support of your medium-firm mattress? That is also another good reason to invest in adding some cozy design tips to your log home, starting with the bedroom. Remember that inherent charm and coziness mentioned earlier? Bringing out that cozy charm is exactly what a beautiful wooden frame bed can do for the bedroom.

For example, a top-of-the-line Emily Brown or Ashley North luxury wooden-frame bed will do more than offer a good night’s sleep. Before choosing a beautiful wooden frame bed, however, here are a few questions to consider.

  1. What is the size of the room? This will help to determine the best bed frame dimensions for the room.
  2. Where in the home is the bed going to be?
  3. What are the mattress dimensions for the bed being considered?
  4. How long am I going to be living in this log home? If a move is expected soon it may be smart to wait.
  5. What style, color, and type of wood works best for your home and bedroom?



Log Bed Stands: Accentuate with Accessories

Good accessories highlight and support the stars of the show, the way earrings or cuff links complete a dress or suit. In the best cases, sometimes those accessories are even stars themselves. That case could be made for unique and stylish log bed stands.

With options from suppliers like Houzz and choices like their Cedar Roots Table Stand, it is easy to add a cozy touch to any room in your log home. In addition to bringing out the existing aesthetic appeal of your bedroom, the right log bed stand can also be a stand-alone piece, adding just the perfect touch of cozy comfort and practicality. 

Accessories and furniture like dressers are another reason to be aware of aspects like bed frame dimensions. Understanding room size and furniture dimensions play a vital role in the design, spacing, and decor of your bedroom or any room in your home.


Lighting Tips and Ideas

Few things have the impact that lighting does on a room. When it comes to the bedroom, there are more than a few ways to get the perfect lighting. It doesn’t matter how well your medium-firm mattress supports you because poor lighting can also make sleeping, resting, or reading more difficult.

Chandeliers are a growing trend and popular design idea for many vacation rental log homes. Adding overhead lighting is a great way to provide softer lighting and a feel of elegance and style to your bedroom. LED lights are another popular lighting option. Additionally, they provide a more cost-effective lighting method too.

Here are some things to consider when trying to find the right lights and lighting options for your bedroom: 

  1. Location. Placement of the light fixtures will have an impact on the overall effect.
  2. Consider the amount of natural light in the bedroom. Placing light fixtures in areas that best utilize natural light will offer optimal results.
  3. Choosing LED lights will provide savings in your lighting expenditures.
  4. Get creative. From overhead lights, string lights, LED options, and more have fun and play with lighting options until you find the one that lights up your bedroom.

 The lighting in your bedroom will also have an influence on the overall look, feel, and beauty of your bedroom.


Final Thoughts

This is not just any home: It’s your unique log home. It’s no secret that log homes offer a distinct charm and coziness. So, if any room in the house should reflect those warm and inviting traits, it should be the bedroom.

Just as the right mattress dimensions should be a perfect fit with the correct bed frame dimensions, your bedroom should fit the look and beauty of your home. With only a few extra touches and added designs, your bedroom will do just that.

Do you want to make your bedroom more inviting, warmer, and more beautiful than it already is? Adding a few touches to any bedroom in a log home is easy and offers benefits far beyond dollars and cents, although it can do that too. From the right bed frame dimensions to other style changes, you can make the bedroom the coziest room in your home too.

–  article by Kiley Morrow

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