Doug & Noreen, like so many other log home prospects, attended one of the many log home shows that are available throughout the country each year.  In 2010, the couple met Honest Abe at the Log & Timber Home Show in Chantilly, Va., which is just outside of Washington, D.C.

At the show, they received contact information for an independent dealership of Honest Abe products very near to the location they planned to build. They had purchased property in a development in Leicester, N.C., and it was in the same development where an Honest Abe home was already under construction.

Darlene Dawson of Bear’s Den Log Homes set up a date to meet them on their property and to take a tour of the house that was under construction right across the street. It was a great opportunity for them to see the process first-hand.

Doug and Noreen, continued to do their homework and researched other log home companies. They soon traveled to Moss, Tenn., where Honest Abe is headquartered, and took part in a log raising event. After attending the log raising, they were convinced and made the decision that Honest Abe offered them the high quality log home and the customer service they where looking for.

They decided to put their home on the market in Virginia, and in the mean time they started the design process. They received a big surprise when they sold their home in record time. The process accelerated from there, they “broke ground” and relocated to the Asheville area. Doug and Noreen have even been involved with some of the building process, as they now live only three miles from the job site.  Their home is moving along well and they plan on being settled in by Spring or Summer of 2013.

Customer:   Doug Williams and Noreen Bania
Sales person:  Darlene Dawson of Bear’s Den Log Homes
Crew: Legacy Home Builders
Log Profile:   8 “x 8” D-Log
Floor Plan: Custom Clearbrook 60’ x 32’