While the “Turn-Key” trend exploded in the mid 2000’s, it has now been replaced by the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project.  Ronnie Cato and Terry Petit out of northern Kentucky are great examples of this.  After a devastating house fire, the couple recalled they had seen a log home model on the side of a highway and promised themselves that one day that would stop in.  Soon after, they stopped in and met Dallas Powers of Lead Creek Log Homes, who is a independent dealer of Honest Abe products in Hawesville, Kentucky.

Ronnie has experience with drywall and trim, and they both thought it would be a fun experience to do as much of the work as possible themselves.  Terry has a lot of interior restoration experience, so painting and wallpapering would be no problem.  This combination of wood and drywall has allowed them to bring vibrant colors into the home.  As construction continues on evenings and weekends, the couple is living in the basement of the home.

The home’s basic dimensions are 30 feet by 40 feet, not including the porch.  The exterior closely resembles Honest Abe’s Raleigh floor plan, while the interior layout is almost identical to the Sinclair model.  The couple expressed gratitude to all their friends and family that have come to help work on their new log home.  Looks for this home to be a featured article in Honest Abe Monthly in the future!

Article by: Joshua Beasley, Marketing, Honest Abe Log Homes