Inspiring Home, a new two-part publication by Honest Abe Log Homes, is now available for order by calling your salesperson. The “Floor Plan Catalog” is just that.  It is packed with a mixture of classic plans from Honest Abe, while incorporating many new designs as well.

They are FREE for download at the above links.

The “Product & Planning Guide” is the companion publication.  This catalog is full of images from award winning architectural photographers like Roger Wade and James Ray Spahn, who’s photos are often seen in log home magazines.  Bright, vibrant and informational, this books focus is on informing the consumer of Honest Abe Log Home’s history, products and services.  Customers have already found sections like, “10 Steps to Owning your Log Home” and “Visualizing Common Design Elements” as helpful and informative areas as they plan for their log home.

Ready to be inspired?