By Josh Watson, Construction Coordinator for Honest Abe Log Homes

Robert & Patty Moss have dreamed about building a log home for a while, and now they have turned that dream into reality!

Building in Buffalo Valley, Tenn., Robert and Patty already had their land and foundation when they decided to visit a job site with Honest Abe Sales Associate, Greg Watson.  That visit seemed to confirm two things: First, they wanted a log home sooner rather than later;  Second, they really liked the craftsmanship of the crew that was building it.  They determined that Isenberg Log Home Builders, one of Honest Abe’s crews for over 25 years, would construct their home. With their foundation already in place, things took off!

The Moss home is a 32’ x 48’ one-story house (1,536 sq. ft.) with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a utility room on the end.  The center portion is very spacious with the living room and kitchen spread out within a 600 square foot area, with a door on each side leading to the wrap around porch that envelops the house.

They chose floor trusses for their sub floor, which allowed longer spans and in turn gave them more usable area in their full size basement. They chose the 6”x12” Genesis log profile and used a combination of scissor (vaulted pitch) and fink (flat pitch) trusses for their roof. The beautiful wrap around porch is worth a second mention because you can never go wrong with more porches. It’s just a smart design choice in every category, protection (against weathering), efficiency (easier to maintain), comfort (nothing like a porch swing), and cosmetic (it just looks great)!

The only real downside to a wrap around porch is less natural lighting. Robert and Patty took this into consideration by designing two open dormers that Isenberg and crew framed in while setting the trusses. This allows Robert and Patty to enjoy their porch and still have plenty of access to a natural light source.

Joe Isenberg, crew chief of Isenberg Log Home Builders recently completed the dry-in of the Moss home and it looks great!  If you are interested in viewing this house or any other Honest Abe home, contact your local sales rep.