By Joshua Beasley, Honest Abe Log Homes

A quiet countryside with a thankful and proud people living in a small community.  That is an ideal place that many now seek out; a little bit of Mayberry with a side of The Waltons for good measure.  People are discovering this very place at Rockcastle Farms, a wooded mountain-view development high atop some rolling mountains just outside the rural town of Jamestown, Tennessee.

A History Lesson:
Hollywood popularized this tucked-away area of Tennessee when it captured the true story of American World War I hero, Alvin C. York, in the movie “Sergeant York”.  York grew up only a few miles outside of Jamestown, Tennessee where Rockcastle Farms is located.  In the beginning, his sole desire was to move his family off the rocky slopes of the mountains, into the low, flat valley that was better suited for farming.

York was swept off to war, where he lead a handful of men to save countless lives and capture over 200 enemy soldiers. For his bravery, he was awarded the Medal of Honor and went on to make huge impacts on the local education system, and economy of this home-town region. York’s contributions to his country and community can still be seen today.

Making Improvements:

Speaking of today, my how things have changed!  The rocky ground so despised by York’s character in the movie, is now the affection of so many seeking an escape to the Tennessee mountains. Rockcastle Farms has proved to be a sanctuary for many Floridians.

The first phase of the development has been completed for some time.

“Phase 1 of Rockcastle Farms was all but sold out during its introduction onto the market,” comments April Smith, President of Rockcastle Farms. “Unfortunately, with the decline in the market, development into Phase 2 was slowed, but we’re proud to report that we are making significant investments into the property. Road improvements have recently been completed with current work being done to install water and electricity.”

Log Homes in the Mountains:

Two beautiful log homes are already built and used as permanent residences within the community, with more on the horizon.  In our June edition of Honest Abe Monthly, resident Dara Zambrano was quoted:

“We built in the very end of the first stage of the Rockcastle development. We were the first ones to build in that section.  It’s very secluded at the end of the development, in a densely-wooded area. We took down some trees to build on our nine and a half acres, and we just love our land and our house.

My husband said he wanted to be able to walk the land we owned, and it not be on a hillside, and that’s exactly what we were able to find.  We just really love it here, and since we built, several more people from Florida have joined the community, too.”

In addition to the log homes, other conventional homes have been built within the development, and currently a new conventional home is under construction.

In conjunction with this, Honest Abe Log Homes has opened a branch office to serve the development, along with the region.  “Rockcastle Farms is proud to welcome Honest Abe Log Homes into our development.  As some of our property owners have discovered, there’s nothing like having an Honest Abe Log Home in the rustic mountains of Rockcastle Farms,” said Smith. Events are being planned for 2012 which will help land owners make informed decisions about building in the area, along with introducing them to Honest Abe’s variety of products and services.