by Josh Beasley, President, Honest Abe Log Homes

In my time here at Honest Abe, we’ve never had a log raising event snowed-out or cancelled. That record was threatened in January when winter weather brought around 14” of snow to our area. The hills and highways of Tennessee are just not suited for that amount of snow!

Each time we hold a log raising, people come from all over the United States, so we felt it was important to be as dedicated to them, as they are to us. Several employees here at Honest Abe made it in, and thankfully we had a handful of log home enthusiasts make it as well. We joked about the weather and how we must all be crazy about log homes to show up. Then we proceeded to our demonstration.

I say all of that to encourage everyone to book early for our next log raising event on April 30. In January, we had enough reservations for it to be the best-attended log raising ever. Due to the weather, we had the smallest crowd ever recorded. That means our April event has the potential to be huge!

We are also very mindful to protect what has made the event so valuable to our clients. The ability to ask questions and spend one-on-one time with our staff is critical. The opportunity to see the products, understand how they go together and how it all comes together to create a beautiful log or timber frame home is the goal of the whole event. Our desire it to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

If we have enough people RSVP, we may look at hosting another log raising in the afternoon on April 29. For those traveling from outside of the region, Tennessee is beautiful during April. It could be a great opportunity to attend early and spend time over the weekend exploring Tennessee.

So remember, contact a representative or give Brenda Meadows a call at 800-231-3695 to confirm your attendance early!