Though “log homes” is in our name, timber frame homes is nothing new to Honest Abe.  For years we’ve offered a timber frame or post-and-beam structure.  Due to their refined rustic charm, these homes have seen a resurgence of interest from consumers.

In the construction of our Timber Frame System, Honest Abe uses timeless construction methods to create a framework of 8” x 8” Douglas Fir vertical posts and horizontal beams.  This “superstructure” is left exposed on the interior, while insulated wall panels sheath the exterior.  Our Timber Frame System offers old-world country charm, with superb flexibility to add color or decorative style to the interior.  Our attention to detail can be recognized through the quality of the craftsmanship.

Timber frame homes can also fit into any community or surroundings.  The exterior of the homes can be covered in brick, rock, vinyl siding, log and wood siding or any other common exterior application.