By Inez Price, Salesperson for Honest Abe Log Homes

Porches are an extension of the living area of a home, especially for owners of log homes. Porches provide shade for you, and they also provide shade for your home, extending the durability of stains, doors, windows and so forth.

Honest Abe’s porch system is not the average porch found on a conventional home.  Instead, our homes typically include exposed 4″x6″ heavy timber rafters and 2×6 tongue and groove, all supported by large 6″x6″ posts. Handrails and spindles are also included as standard porch package contents.

Honest Abe also provides a smaller, more economical system using 2″x6″ exposed rafters, 1×6 tongue and groove and 4″x6″ posts. This system also includes the standard handrails and spindles.

Two main styles of porches are seen in many of our designs. The most common is a shed porch, offering the traditional look and feel. We typically design our porches to be 8’ wide, offering plenty of space for outdoor furniture. The other style is a gable porch, which is often an extension of a gable roof line. With either style, a great option can be to screen in an area, creating a sanctuary from insects.

Many of us have memories tied to spending time with our families on the porch.  One of my favorites is with my grandmother, sitting on an old-fashioned glider on the porch, while breaking beans from the garden.  Now, as a grandmother myself, I can sit on my own Honest Abe Log Home porch and make memories with my grand babies!