Mike & Christine Cornett purchased an Honest Abe Home back in 1993 from Greg Watson and enjoyed the experience so much that when they decided to build again, Honest Abe was the only option. After meeting with Greg and working with our design team to perfect their floor plan, they were ready for construction! The Cornett’s were in familiar territory when Joe Isenberg and crew showed up at the job site. Isenberg Log Home Builders Inc (over 600 log homes built in a span of 35 years) had constructed the Cornett’s first home.  Mike had specifically requested him again.

The Cornett’s home is 1,600 sq. ft. with two bedrooms and two baths. They have an open living room/kitchen located in the center while the bedroom/baths are situated on each side. Over the center portion they opted for the cathedral look with our Heavy Timber Rafters above.  Hip trusses were used on the wings, and a 38’ x 26’ garage was connected by the porch. Joe and crew have nearly completed the dry-in.

Customer: Mike & Christine Cornett
Salesperson: Greg Watson (Cookeville Model)
Log Profile: 6 x 12 Genesis
Crew: Isenberg Log Home Builders Inc

Article By: Josh Watson, Construction Coordinator for Honest Abe Log Homes