With 3,000 square feet of living space surrounded by 1,700 square feet of covered porch, the new Crossville Honest Abe Model Home Center incorporates both log and timber frame elements. The exterior of the house combines the use of traditionally dovetailed Eastern White Pine logs with elements of the Craftsman style, including rock pylons, double wooden porch posts and exposed trusses underneath a wide front gable. The model, which presents two front entrances with two very distinctive looks, is the original design of Honest Abe’s designer Michael Hix, who took a variety of elements that customers want to see when making a decision about a log or timber frame home and incorporated them into a home that can be used to educate potential clients as they work toward creating their final design.

Click here for extensive galleries of the new model: the Cambridge

Notable Design Elements


Wide covered porch wraps around most of the first floor, showing four different styles of porches

Large room-like porch featuring massive, fully functional, wood-burning open fireplace accessed through patio door from dining room.

First Floor

Open dining room and kitchen

Sunroom off dining room built in timber frame style

Double opening fireplace opens into dining room and great room

Great room has vaulted heavy timber roof, staircase and two-story fireplace

Master bedroom and unique master bath

Second Floor

Staircase landing forms loft with fireplace

One bedroom has bay window, home office area, and access to full bath

Additional bedroom features dormer window

Log Style

The Dovetail D-Log style combines smooth interior walls with a v-groove and a D-shaped profile on the exterior, the mass and energy efficiency of an 8″ by 12″ log size and the trusted, Appalachian style dovetail corner system. This log-on-log system incorporates a single tongue-and-groove, specialized gasket and a wood-binding sealer between each course.

Small_CrossvilleupstairsFirst Floor