Backyard Rustic RomanceDoes your sense of decorating need a fresh touch?  For those of us who love log homes, often times a fresh touch comes from rejuvenating the old.  Guest contributors Janet Wilson, Melissa Schubert and Janette Wilson form a mother, daughter and daughter-in-law team that will provide readers with affordable and creative tips on just how to make this happen.

Their first installment in their series is this unique hanging table made from an old iron bed frame.  They chose to place this just inside the wood-line behind their home, but it could be placed under any suitable tree.  Materials include an iron bed bought at a yard sale, old barn wood, vintage linens, milk glass dishes, bar stools and of course rope.

The project took only a few hours to collect the materials and build.   They also noted that rustic items can often be found at yard sales for affordable prices.  Foliage is incorporated from the immediate area to pull off the look without adding expense.  Dry and fresh growth plants were used to create a center piece, and a bit of green vine (nonpoisonous!) was used in place of a napkin ring

Simple Rustic DiningJanet noted, “For about $100.00 worth of materials, we created a unique outdoor space where couples can find a relaxing moment together at the edge of their woods.”  Best of all, once a project like this is completed, it can remain all season for continued use.  Just add candlelight and enjoy!

Article by:  Joshua Beasley, Honest Abe Log Homes

Editors note: Story content contributed by Janet Wilson of Wilson’s Taxidermy Studio, Melissa Schubert and Janette Wilson of Simply Posh Photography.