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National Headquarters: Moss, TN

Growing from humble beginnings, Honest Abe Log Homes has manufactured thousands of log homes since 1979. We are one of the country's largest custom log home designers and builders. Honest Abe Log Homes can design the log home you've always wanted. Honest Abe Log Homes is a leader in the log home industry.

Moss, TN

Moss, Tennessee - Our Hometown

A lot of folks ask us what makes Honest Abe Log Homes so special. Well, many of those great qualities come from our small community of Moss, Tenn. Log homes and sawmills are part of the way of life here in Moss. We have a long legacy of producing hard-working and motivated people.

Neighbors always help a friend in need, country churches dot the hillside, and local restaurants compete for the best BBQ in the area. Folks in Moss still wave at each passing car they see and say "Hello!" to everyone they meet.

Set in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, Moss is a small logging and farming community about two miles south of the Kentucky state line and just west of picturesque Dale Hollow Lake.

A historic community in Clay County, Moss is as old as the county itself. The town is situated on the Eastern Highland Rim of Tennessee in the Appalachian foothills near the Cumberland River in one of the most beautiful areas in the Southeastern United States.

Generations of dedicated people have been raised in the Moss area on hard work, honesty and good morals. The rolling hill around Moss are covered in some of the most desirable hardwood trees in the nation. Cattle, corn and soybean crops are raised near these majestic hardwood forests, and businesses co-exist with the county stores and homes that dot the landscape.

Yes, life in Moss moves by slowly with residents treasuring the memories of everyday and spending their evenings with their families enjoying the beauty of the area and the mild weather. It's the perfect place to make log homes.