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The Honest Abe Log Home Blog shares stories from Honest Abe Living Magazine, event schedules, company news, announcements, industry news, photos from new construction and new house plans. Also featured are recipes from our friends at Lodge Cast Iron.

Instructional Log Raising Event set for April 11, 2015

Honest Abe Log Homes invites the public to visit its National Headquarters in Moss, Tenn., on Saturday, April 11, 2015, beginning at 9 a.m. to attend a Log Raising and Manufacturing Tour. Watch as members of the company build a small structure, showing and describing... read more

Log Shapes and Sizes Determine Look of Home

The log style you choose determines how you home will look. Here’s an overview of Honest Abe’s log styles to help you understand how various log systems work. To help you visualize how your home could look, visit our galleries for examples of other Honest Abe... read more

Log Home Kitchen Design

Log home kitchen design requires the same considerations as a conventional home – lifestyle of the owners, budget, family size and available space. When space is available, most people request an island. It offers work space and the chance to stay more connected with... read more

Hand Hewn Logs Add Richness to Home

Hand hewn logs add richness to home. These logs evoke a feeling of the past by capturing a skill that was necessary for early settlers and is now an art. Honest Abe Log Homes offers customers the option of real hand-hewn logs, and a real person – not a machine –... read more

Honest Abe Stanton Floor Plan

The Honest Abe Stanton floor plan features a full-length covered porch on both the main floor that creates a covered walkway along the length of the the full-size basement. The 1680 square foot home is designed to accommodate for sloping terrain and can be used with... read more

Appalachian Christmas Cabin

This cabin was inspired by those found in the Appalachian foothills of Tennessee. Built using Honest Abe’s Genesis log system, it features chinking on both the inside and outside, though this log system can be built without it.  Exposed heavy timber ceiling beams add... read more

Honest Abe Dealership, T & M Log Homes, Expands

Tonia and Mike Coulter, owners of T & M Log Homes in Albany, Ind., Honest Abe Independent Dealership and 2013 Dealers of the Year, has expanded into Kansas with the addition of Kyle and Rebekah Taylor to the T&M team. “For the past 18 years Tonia & I have... read more

Kiln Dried Log Homes are Stable, Durable and Beautiful

At Honest Abe Log Homes we’re often asked why we do kiln dry the logs and timbers used in every log home, log cabin or timber frame house we manufacture. We believe in the value of creating kiln dried log homes and timber frame houses. Kiln dried logs are “pre-shrunk”... read more