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Six Tips for Researching Log Homes

Researching log homes and timber frame structures can be a daunting task, but Honest Abe Log Homes has created an easy tip sheet to help you  get started. You may download the tip sheet as a .pdf here or pin this .jpg to your Pinterest board for easy... read more

Inspiring Home Product and Planning Guide

Download your copy of our Inspiring Home Product and Planning Guide, a 52-page publication that features information specific to our products, company history, manufacturing process, green practices, building systems, log homes, cabins and timber frame homes, package contents, design options and more. Filled with photos of customers’ homes, it truly... read more

10 Steps to Owning Your Log or Timber Home

Somewhere in your heart and mind, your wood home already exists. You’ve watched a sunrise from the covered porch. You’ve warmed yourself by a glowing fire. You’ve served a holiday meal from your rustic kitchen. For the past 36 years, Honest Abe has helped translate the vision of a perfect home into the plan to build it, and it’s our goal to offer you the practical help you need. Here’s a guide for you to download that takes you through 10 steps to owning your own log home or timber frame home. We’re available to answer questions and help guide you through these... read more

Planning Bedrooms in Log and Timber Homes

Making decisions about bedrooms for log or timber frame homes is no different in some ways than for any home. Decisions like how many bedrooms, what size each room will be and whether there will be an adjacent bathroom are basic. However, for log and timber homeowners, there are a number of design options that would seldom be considered with a traditionally built home. “Design of a bedroom is a direct reflection of how the homeowner perceives the space,” observed Melissa Copas, a designer with Honest Abe for 18 years. “Bedrooms tend to be considered functional rooms were people sleep or personal spaces of refuges and relaxation.” Copas said that just because a bedroom is designed for pure functionality, it does not mean that aesthetics must be sacrificed. “Choices of windows, lighting, interior walls, ceiling treatment, flooring and even the log style itself can add to the beauty of a small bedroom or guest room,” she said. “We’ve done some very creative things with small spaces in vacation homes and children’s rooms.” In recent years the incorporation of a small office has become prevalent for those who extend their work space into the bedroom. More bedrooms are featuring fireplaces and sitting areas. Doors opening onto a deck, porch or patio – often private – are an increasingly common feature. “We have homeowners who orient their home and make choices about windows based solely on the view they wish to see as they rise in the morning or relax in the evening,” Copas said. The height created by log and timber roof systems lends itself to the option of a... read more

Corn Dip

2 (11-ounce) cans Mexicorn (corn kernels with red and green peppers) 1 (10-ounce) can shoepeg corn  3 green onions, chopped 1 cup sour cream 1 cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon ground cumin Fresh lime juice to taste Salt and black pepper to taste Drain the corn. Combine all the ingredients in a Lodge 5-quart cast iron Dutch oven and heat through over medium-low heat. When ready to serve, transfer to two Lodge 1-pint cast iron Country Kettles. Makes 6 cups With 200 recipes curated from Lodge’s network of chefs and cast-iron cookware fans from around the country, Cast Iron Nation boasts a diverse array of recipes, stories and spectacular photography. Get it at... read more

Honest Abe Log Home Tour of Manufacturing Plant Made Better

Plan a Tour of Honest Abe’s Mill Acquisition of an electric golf cart will enable visitors to Honest Abe’s Model Home and Manufacturing Facilities at Moss to take an intimate and comfortable guided tour without extensive walking. “Guests are always welcome at any of our model homes,” said Jeff Clements, Honest Abe Vice President. “We encourage anyone interesting in how log homes are manufactured to schedule a guided tour of our plant at our National Headquarters.. There’s no need to wait for a special event, though the tour in included in our log raisings we host several times each year.” Clements said the tour includes the model home, the plant, the kiln and the log storage facility. “It’s a very thorough tour that really shows how a home is made from the time the wood arrives at our lot until it leaves on the truck,” Clements said. He pointed out that Honest Abe’s stability and longevity in the industry allows the company to purchase logs, dry them and store them under cover so that there is no waiting between the time a contract is signed and manufacturing a new home begins. Call 800-231-3695 to arrange a tour or for... read more

Choosing Property for a Log Home

by Jeff Clements, Vice President, Honest Abe Log Homes Where do you want your new log home, log cabin or timber frame home to be? That greatly varies. It’s commented many times that we just don’t see that many log or timber frame homes driving up and down the road. There is a good explanation for that. Many times the property where these homes are being built is as unique as the owners and the home itself. Through the fields on top of the hill. At the end of the dead end-road, hidden back in the valley or hollow. On the side of the hill with a great view. These homes are built everywhere and usually there is an emotional reason why someone chooses the property they choose. I knew when I was about 14 years old where I wanted my log home to be. It was on top of the hill in the woods where I rode horses and squirrel hunted growing up. I was lucky that this was on our 5th generation farm, and my mom and dad told Lisa and me to pick out wherever we wanted to build and then they deeded us that spot. Where you put that dream home that you’ve always wanted is just as important as the design. You’ve got the vision of where you want it and how you’ve pictured this home as you’re driving up in your driveway. After the emotional considerations, it is good have logical considerations regarding the property. Do I have access to utilities and services? If so, what is the cost? Where is my water... read more